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With a host of features and built-in intelligence that helps your field force employees in every step to enhance their efficiency and productivity, SmartClick helps in translating this to increased revenue for your company.

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Salesforce Crm Integration

Intelligent Daily Reporting

Field Force having to come to office for attendance is a thing of past. Integrate with your company's HR system, validate from where your field force started and concluded their day

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Traceability and Analytics

Storing everything on paper or excel spreadsheet will not provide you the data that is required for in depth analytics and decision making to take your profits higher.

Work Order Tracking

Lead Management

Improve your potential business opportunities by integrating an efficient lead management system. SmartClick enables you to actively convert your prospective clientele into real business

Best Project Management

Conveyance Management

Cut down the paperwork and maintain all your travel expenses on SmartClick. It not just simplifies bill claiming but also saves you from the hassles of maintaining physical bills.

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Opportunity Management

With SmartClick take your leads to the next level by unlocking sales opportunities. Track your leads to into opportunities and close deals faster with the help of this feature.

Field Management System

Monitor Real-Time Location

SmartClick enables you to be at the right place, at the right time! Collaborated with Google Maps and Location, improve the accuracy of your location reports and increase your efficiency

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Complete CRM

SmartClick equips you to drive the customer lifecycle by improving the data management and analysis of all customer interactions. It allows you to enhance the customer experience and focus on implementing strategies to reach broader target audience.

Mobile Field Service App

Smart Attendance

SmartClick allows you to log in your attendance as soon as you start your work; whether at office or on field. Start your day and End your day at the click of a button, either on your mobile app or on the web interface; it’s that simple!

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Fully Customized Reports

With SmartClick, prepare customized reports and submit them Online through the mobile app or the web interface. Also access your report history with specific customers to analyses customer interactions and better customer retention.

Smart Manager Interface

Next generation method of monitoring your employees

Work Order Management System
Task Tracking Software
Lead Management

With SmartClick you have the ability to monitor your workforce on-the-go anywhere anytime with integrated CRM, Maps, Time Management, Live location sharing and much more. A fully loaded software that will take your business to the next level.

Generate reports both Online and Off-line Mode

Customized Crm Solution
Lead Management System

Simple and readable reports also customize your reports as per your requirement. Works off-line and gets intelligently synced in few seconds when you are with Internet

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Total Hours

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Cups of Coffee

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Done Projects

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Happy Clients

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1. Which platform is the application currently available on?


SmartClick is available on Android platform.

2. What is the minimum software and device requirement for this app to run?

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A smartphone with Android 4.0 and above is the minimum requirement for SmartClick


3. Is GPS hardware necessary for this application?

Yes, non-availability of GPS limits features and intelligence of SmartClick.

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Salesforce Crm Integration
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Accomplish more,


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Assign tasks, Schedule meetings and dynamically take real-time decisions helping you to improve the efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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