Appointment Scheduling Software

Why Appointment Scheduling Software?

Appointment scheduling software helps clients quickly view real time availability and book their own appointments, reschedule and even help in making online payments for booking. Many appointment management software let their clients get notified when the appointment is booked, check your schedule right from your phone just with a click update it, edit it or reschedule it. They also provide the option to assign tasks, schedule meetings and take real time dynamic decisions for you with their artificial intelligence to help you improve the efficiency and customer satisfaction. They are a wholesome software that focusses all possible directions in the management of any sort of appointment

Uttlities of an Appointment Scheduling Software

It is important to know what is going on with your schedule so, an Appointment scheduling software keeps you updated with your schedule. This, in turn, helps you by providing you with the flexibility to make appointments and receive notifications appropriately as and when scheduled. It also allows you to customise everything to match the existing look and feel of your business. In other words, it not only takes care of the functionality but also the graphics to provide the customer with a complete functionality so as to not allow the customer to worry about anything. The appointment scheduling software is simple yet powerful. Following are its salient features:

1)It allows customers to book appointments and pay online

2)It allows you to view full customer appointment history

3)It provides branded and customised notifications

4)It handles multiple staff calendars

The software provided by SmartClick also offers some extra features like social media integration, side-by-side calendar views. It also allows integration with third party software like Google calendar making it easier to work on. So, avail the chance of being a part of the product and make your business experience better.

Appointment Scheduling Software


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1. Which platform is the application currently available on?


SmartClick is available on Android platform.

2. What is the minimum software and device requirement for this app to run?

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A smartphone with Android 4.0 and above is the minimum requirement for SmartClick


3. Is GPS hardware necessary for this application?

Yes, non-availability of GPS limits features and intelligence of SmartClick.

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