Attendance Management System

Why Attendance Management System?

Attendance management system in your business is essential to attract and retain the best by offering the best services to your employees with a modern and fully functional smart system. Your business experience will be a bliss when attendance, leave and payrolls are seamlessly integrated. The system features creating and managing shifts, define attendance policies, track every employee’s in/out time, and much more, and it also includes the functionality of leave management system.

Features of an Attendance Management System

The Attendance Management System is committed to employees’ and manager’s needs. It handles all aspects of simplicity and efficiency. With continued pressure from the growing competition, optimised resources and maximising productivity is strongly encouraged. For effective time-management of the workplace, nothing can be better than an attendance management system which makes it easier to handle complex attendance logics and overtime calculations through an integrated platform which also inculcates the functionality of a management system which is widely in use for its best features. It analyses employee activity and monitors return on investment hours. Some of the functionalities are:

1)Shift management.

2)Attendance processing.

3)Attendance policy management.

4)Work from Home.

5)Employee self-service portal and much more

6)Biometric integration.

7)Leave management system.

When you want ‘time’ to work for you to do your active tasks, you will have to manage your workspace more smartly and what better than Attendance management system with an added benefit of leave management system to pursue it. Attendance management system is one of the leading attendance monitoring systems, which commits to making your business better and efficient and at ease all at the same time. Because whence going for a management system customer has a very smooth experience without any fail. Avail the benefits of Smart click Attendance management system which will provide you with the solution to efficiency and efficacy.

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Attendance Management System


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1. Which platform is the application currently available on?


SmartClick is available on Android platform.

2. What is the minimum software and device requirement for this app to run?

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A smartphone with Android 4.0 and above is the minimum requirement for SmartClick


3. Is GPS hardware necessary for this application?

Yes, non-availability of GPS limits features and intelligence of SmartClick.

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