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Why Employee Management Software?

Employee management software enables you to manage important information regarding your employees and helps you permanently communicate with your staff efficiently and with absolutely zero errors. That is what technology does. Managing a complex workforce becomes easier with this management software expertise. It allows the flexibility to managers to adjust and readjust work schedules in response to employee changes as and when they wish for it. There is an optimal tool for labour performance monitoring which ensures that shift covers the right mix of skills for adhering to the organisational goals. Your data security is vital to your business, and so the employee management software makes sure that it is secured and ensured appropriately.

Functionalties of an Employee Management Software

Easy Dashboard, high data security, regular offline backups, employee self-services are some of the most important and salient features of the Employee management software. There is an employee portal or employee self-service functionality area which provides self-management tools specifically for the employees under which an employee can edit and update any information related to his data or company data related to the employee. This employee management software is an affordable option for organisations of all sizes. The employee self- service helps in:

1)Work schedules.

2)Shift changes.

3)Payroll data

4)Update personal details.

5)Vacation times.

6)Leaves and much more.

With the Employee management software, the employees feel empowered and productive, the employee satisfaction increases. It also collects processes and manages employee time and attendance information which makes the business experience much smoother. An employee management software is simple to use and easy to learn. This software is the answer for most valued assets, people who work individually or collectively to meet business goals. Intelligent architecture of the smartclick Employee management software will make your business grow with smartness and ease just like that.

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1. Which platform is the application currently available on?


SmartClick is available on Android platform.

2. What is the minimum software and device requirement for this app to run?

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A smartphone with Android 4.0 and above is the minimum requirement for SmartClick


3. Is GPS hardware necessary for this application?

Yes, non-availability of GPS limits features and intelligence of SmartClick.

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