Lead Management System

What is lead management system?

The lead management system is the forerunner to sales management systems or customer relationship management systems. It is designed specifically for B2B and D2C strategies. It helps in creating a brand market by assisting profitability in businesses through connections to new customers and existing customers. Lead management system processes have also been termed as ‘customer acquisitions management’. Lead management system is the process of generating new potential business clientele through marketing campaigns and programmes.

Purpose of lead management system

The simplicity or complexity of the process depends on the clientele and their interactions with the sales professionals. Despite the automated processes of the lead management system, the vital aspect remains the personal interactions. These interactions give ways to outcomes that can be deemed productive and counterproductive to the business. Potential outcomes may sometimes ruin chances of converting a lead into potential value. It is up to lead management to sort issues such as these and such scenarios are the basis of the lead management software systems

1)Lead generation - employing advertising media.

2)Customer lead or inquiry - advertisement’s audience responds.

3)Inquiry Capture - respondent’s information is recorded.

4)Inquiry Filtering - recorded information’s validity checked.

5)Lead grading - leads graded by potential.

6)Lead distribution – E-ads distributed to marketing personnel.

7)Sales contact - leads contacted for sales.

8)Lead nurturing - follow up on all the leads.

9)Sales result - new business sale as end result.

Along with all the lead management system processes, its aim is to generate new business revenue, increase its visibility and enhance to potential client’s and the public’s attitudes for business development purposes. It helps schedule tasks, meetings and dynamically take real time decisions to improve the efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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